Welcome to the point!

We are located in the rural outskirts of the fabulous city of Aberdeen, NC.  God opened the door for us in 2002 to build a wonderful house to assemble one of the thriving, spirit-filled churches in our area. We pray every week that God would use our facility to start a revival in each heart that comes through our doors. We look forward to meeting you when you visit. Our hearts and prayers are already surrounding you and your family as we anticipate your visit.

WHEN We Meet  

Sunday               |      10:30 am                       


16433 US 15 501 South

Aberdeen, NC 28315

Our Facilities

Turning Point Worship Center is proud of the work God started back 2002. Our facility is close 38,000 square feet and is landscaped with a paved parking lot. When God gave the instructions to build we asserted our work for the assembling of God's people with excellence. Below are few pictures of the outside of the property. 

Worship Center

Our worship center provides space to assemble for litigation, weddings, funerals, and other purposes. With 22, 000 square feet of space The Worship Center is a place of community, love, and prayer. 


Turning Point is blessed to have space upstairs for the Youth to gather. With a total of 8,000 square feet of space upstairs we have room to grow our youth program.

Digital Sign

Our digital sign serves many purposes. First it serves as a landmark for those passing through. Secondly, it serves as a way of communication to those who pass by. We do our best to inform our community about what's happening at the Point.