The Connection Point

Wednesday Nights are heating back up as we encounter the Love of God through Prayer and & Worship, Men and Women's Bible Study, Family, Food, and Fellowship, last but not least Corporate Bible Study. Click Here for more information.

Children's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry at the Point is on Point! This is where Kids come alive to God and learn to love each other. We are serious about Spiritual growth and opportunities to practice "God's Way" at home. We thrive to see children come into a right relationship with God. Click Here for more information about our Children's Ministry.

Youth Ministry

Finally, Turning Point Youth Program stirs the very soul as our Young begin to encounter a faith-filled life in Christ. We never cease to keep it fresh and alive as our kids assemble for worship, prayer, activities, snacks, and a talk by our spirit-filled team. Our mission never stops here at the Point, we believe in God's Power and we infuse this hyper-faith into our students. For more information about the Youth Ministry Click here

Men's Ministry

We believe in an active pursuit of community, fellowship,, and discipleship. We take the Cross of Christ seriously and its our mandate to see other men get connected with our Ministry. We understand that the church grows rapidly when men are in community. We are committed to the growth and discipleship of our Lord Jesus Christ. For more information about our ministry click here.

Daughters of destiny

The mission of Daughters of Destiny is to empower women in various stages of their lives while seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit. Our vision captures women being nourished by the power of God and growing through difficulties. We'll provide the tools to help each other discover God's greatness and become over comers as we line up with our destiny. For more information about us click here

Life Groups

One of our best values at The Point is to build healthy relationships and we believe it is important for everyone to discover a place where they can connect and grow. We were never created to "do life" alone and our groups consistently thrive to build community, which is important to maintaining a Christian walk.  Click Here for more information about our Life Groups.