Our mission

Our mission for our children is to help every child have a true encounter with God, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, identify the gifts God has placed inside of them, support parents as the spiritual leaders of their households and ultimately empower children to be world changers. 

Precious moments / nursery

We care for our little ones here from ages 0-18 months. We change diapers, bottle feed, and pray over them just as Mary handled Baby Jesus. We love our babies as it signifies new life in Christ and a start for Spiritual Growth.

Noah's Ark Room / Walking - 2 years

They're walking! Our mission for these little ones is simple to stay attentive and on duty. Children are a gift from God and we do an excellent job of taking care of God's precious gifts!

Fish Room / 3 - 4  years

We're moving on along now to a spectacular age group. They keep us busy with questions, comments, and much much more! But we do not take lightly the mission of Christ. We intend to teach, preach, and love on each child that come through our doors. At this stage we are able to instill Biblical Story memorization and Christ-like doctrine through activities, games, and sharing. 

Lion King Room / k - 2nd

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! How'd they grow up so fast! They're learning, but  they don't like to share and some of them smell! Its at this stage of life where kids are always challenged to put into practice what they're learning. Paul, said it best, "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. It's okay though because we don't give up on humanity. We amp up our arsenal with gifted teachers and instructors. We continue to pour in the word of God and teach them how to pray.   

Butterfly room / 3rd & 4th

Like a flash say cheese. School pictures, smart phones, video games, and better behavior. We face other challenges at this stage - attention! However, we continue to build the Word of Christ around their little hearts to make a wall strong and impregnable against the enemy. Through crafts, scripture memorization, and serving each other the Gospel begins to dwell richly within the heart of each child.

Stain Glass Room / 5th - 6th

Peer pressure, identity, a search for spiritual significance, and reasoning. We give God praise that what the Gospel touches is changed forever. At this point in life there's a great war over their souls. We equip them with knowledge and wisdom of the challenges they have yet to face while instilling a genuine child-like faith to believe that God's purpose and plan will see them through.  

FAQ for parents

What Sunday morning activities do you have for my kids?

Our activities are apart of age appropriate curriculum. These activities help our children learn in a fun, creative and interactive way, while teaching them scripture passages, developing Bible skills, how to apply scriptures to their lives and practice what they have learned. We do this through skits, games, and other methods.  

What's going to happen while my children are with you?

Safety is our top priority. Your child will be taught in a safe, orderly environment. We will pray, go over class rules, go over our lesson, look up Bible verses, do lesson activities (some activities are done outside), have discussions about our activity, and have a snack. 


What does your children's program entail?

Love and support for our children and parents. We are committed to teaching and assisting our children to grow spiritually by teaching them solid and sound biblical doctrine and how to worship God...

For more information about our Children, send us an email.